Higher Education is a strictly regulated industry where schools need to comply with Federal government regulations and State laws. We advise institutions regarding Title IV regulations, Title IX and Clery Act compliance, ADA requirements, SEVIS certification, regional and national Accreditation, Board Governance, Corporate Compliance, and more. 



Governance and Compliance: At Moloyan Law, we provide new and established non-profits with the tools they need to govern their organization and comply with state laws. Board members are responsible for the proper governance of a non-profit and may be held personally liable if they fail to follow these laws. We comprehensively assist our non-profit clients by preparing and amending bylaws; resolving conflicts of interest and Board disputes; training Board members on governance and transparency; and drafting meeting minutes.


Business Transactions: We are experienced in all aspects of the formation, performance, drafting, termination, and negotiation of business transactions. We support non-profits in all transactions including asset sales, vendor and service agreements, mergers, and conversions to for-profits.

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